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Kid's BR layouts, clothing storage, take a closet for kitchen flow

5 years ago

After spending forever on my phone typing out a thread b/c the picture is on my phone and Houzz deciding to freeze, I will do it on my laptop instead.

SO. The kids each have their own bedrooms. Our daughters closet creates a bump out into the kitchen so that two walls do not actually meet in the corner, they're split. I would like to take the closet out so that we may continue the cabinets/counter to the corner and create better kitchen flow. I have a thread on this from a couple weeks ago, and I have already spoken w/the appraiser who assures me it would not affect our 3 BR classification as long as the room has a window and designated clothing storage. I have also looked it up online and my state does not dictate the specifications for bedrooms/closets, it is left up to the individual counties to decide if they want to and mine does not.

My bedroom growing up was twice as big as the kids' rooms, and my closet was over three times the size of our son's closet. I had no shortage of space. Trying to figure out where to put things in these small bedrooms is a nightmare. (When I was pregnant, I had to be careful how I walked around the bed b/c there's *just* enough room to walk normally and you add in a baby belly hooooo it was a chore) What I would like to do is just get rid of the kids' dressers and make some sort of built in clothing storage or something along the lines of an Ikea Pax system. (Ikea is 4 hours away so not sure if that's an actual option or not, but something similar) Along one full wall, take part of two walls and meet in a corner, go under a window, (which would be nice so there'd be a spot to set a couple things if needed), whatever, I'm open.

Our daughter wants to switch rooms, so that she would be in the room w/the bigger closet and our son would be in the room that is potentially losing the closet. She is 14 going on 15 and he is 11. She would like to have a vanity area, regardless which room she ends up in.

They both have twin beds currently. (but I am thinking to do twin XL for each of them b/c they're going to need the length) Hers is a trundle and needs to have space for the trundle to be pulled out. His is a 5 million pound solid wood bed my husband made.

The closet potentially being eliminated is the one bottom left. If anyone has any thoughts on where to put storage, the beds and such, please lay em on me. Thank you!

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