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1st timer embarking on a kitchen remodel: Best to call in a designer?

5 years ago

I know nobody can make the decision FOR me, but I'm really trying to weigh pros and cons of hiring a pro. We just moved in a couple of months ago to our house, a really great eclectic kinda rustic house, and its kitchen is in SORE need of remodeling. It's a combo of the previous owners having not taken care of the place, tried DIYing some stuff (badly), and also just not having taste that meshes with ours. It's more or less functional, but that's about it.

When we moved in, we had to prioritize sprucing up our bathroom, for mostly the same reasons, but really made a mistake in hiring someone whose work was mostly fine, but I ultimately wasn't very happy with the quality. I'm coming away with a lesson learned though, and want to be very careful in who we have fix up the kitchen. But frankly, while I know generally what I want, I'm not super confident in spearheading it and am wondering if I need to just hire a designer that can coordinate the contract work.

It's a small kitchen, we're not changing the footprint, and I have a budget of up to 20K (ideally less). Not the biggest undertaking but I still am daunted by it. But I don't know on average how much these services would cost, or if my budget is going to get eaten up by it. I'm also new to the area and don't know anyone to ask for recommendations. What do you think? What do you think I should be aware of if I opt to hire a designer or if I opt to try to do it all myself and handle hiring contractors?

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