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BlueStar BTUs for wok cooking, RCS 15K vs RNB 22K

4 years ago

I thought that I had settled on getting the RCS36 until I found the owner's manual to my current range and discovered that my top 2 burners are 14.2K and 17.2K BTUs. Well, that changes everything...I had thought that they were lower! I love to use a wok, so moving to a 15K OPEN burner...what change will I see? Does the open star shaped burner provide greater heat than my current 17.2K sealed one (I know that the wok will sit right on top of the flame unlike my current setup)?

I don't care about the colors etc that RNB offers, I only care about having 1 truly powerful burner. If anyone has recommendations for others around this price range with at least an 18K burner, please share. I would like to stay around $6K at the most. Also, if this post reaches any RCS owners who use a wok, what do you think? Would you upgrade to a higher BTU if you could?

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