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Please Critique My Kitchen Layout!

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

I would love your help and advice on my kitchen layout. We're bringing down a wall in our cramped galley kitchen for an open floor plan. We'll be using IKEA boxes with Scherr's doors. I'm including drawings and organizational layout here.

Three things to note:

-The kitchen is on a raised platform, and we'll be keeping that - so the aisle width is fixed (I know that it's not ideal)

-There is a column in the wall where the gas lines and water lines run up. We're the top floor so it's possible we can cap them. If not, we'll have to keep a column. We'll have to work with what we find.

-We live in a NYC co-op, where we're not permitted to vent a stove exhaust. The hood we'll be using is an integrated stainless steel pullout recirculation model.

We're a two cook household, so access around the island from both sides is key. I'm a batch cooker on weekends, so freezer space is in short supply. I'll be putting extra freezer drawers in the island. The other base cabinet in the island will hold a pull-out garbage can. The sink base will hold a recycling station. And, of course, the dishwasher will be next to the sink.

Please free to comment on anything I've forgotten or can't think to ask — I'm really depending on everyone's expertise here! My main questions are:

-Are 24-inch pantries efficient? Would it be better to break them up?

-Are three 36-inch drawers on the perimeter too wide? I like the symmetry, but is it a good use of space?

-Will 40-inch wall cabinets that are 36-inches wide look too massive?

See photos below for what I'll be storing in each.

I've sketched out what will go in the pantries, drawers, and cabinets.

This my inspiration kitchen, which I found on Houzz:

Greenwich Street · More Info

And here's a conceptualization in sketchup, showing the platform:

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