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Sunshine Ray has seeds pods....Thank You Maria Elena :)

I was twirling with the paintbrush (like Maria Elena had said to do) to all the blooms the other day, soooo who knows what they will turn out to be. They (3 pods...2 at top and 1 towards the bottom) are on my Sunshine Ray Adenium and that was the first to bloom for me (on my Birthday), so that makes it special and also because of the name :)

I haven't seen any more seed pods.....yet!

Maria Elena,

I haven't forgot about sending you the small Bromeliad (one you said didn't survive) and the seeds (A. arabicum) and I will be taking the cutting off that white Plumeria soon (it's almost long enough to cut), but you will have to let it callous over before you try to root it. Do you have a Bromeliad that's named Matchstick? I can send you one of them if you like....they grow about a foot tall or so and shoot out these bracts.

Happy Gardening, Jeannie :)

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