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Tuesday blooms and lots of rain yesterday

Julia WV (6b)
4 years ago

The thunderstorms rolled through yesterday afternoon into early evening with torrential downpours and high winds. The garden appreciates the watering as the daylily foliage was starting to look like it wanted to die off.

RIBBIT RIBBIT - I missed posting the FFO yesterday but today, it showed a duo. Tall scrapes.



ROCKS CRY OUT - tall scapes this year and I think it has finally settled into its new spot.

JELLYFISH JEALOUSY - always a tall scape performer.

WHIP CITY FLIGHTIE TIGHTY - much darker on its FFO this season. Lots of scapes.

BAHAMA BUTTERSCOTCH - very bright and hard to capture. I plan to remove this one out this year. Not for poor performance but I need to move some out and replace with others.

SEMINOLE WIND - forgot to post this one yesterday. I plan to move this one out also. Overall good scape height but I need to put some other colors in this bed.

MISTER LUCKY - I had wanted to remove this one last fall but ran out of time. Surprised me with a trio opening this morning. Poor thing got over taken by the lupines. I removed a very large planting of cat mint (dirt area behind Mister Lucky) from this area and trying to decide what to put in its place that can be managed easily each season.

LUNAR MAX - multi bloom pic from yesterday or was it the day before that. LOL.

And a few garden shots. Since we got the rain, I can now start edging the front of these beds. I sprayed with grass/weed killer along the front edge of this bed before the heat wave and hope to get this cleaned up today. Rain makes a difference in pulling weeds. Daisies went wild this year. you can also see some of the foliage took a hit from the heat

That is it for today. :)


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