Lose a BR closer for more functional kitchen?

Missi (4b IA)
3 years ago

Our kitchen layout would be an L (well upside down) but where the corner would be, is our daughter‘s closet. We’ve lived here for almost 17 years-however, now that we are working on redoing the house, it is something I would like to look at eliminating.

Is this a smart idea or no? The closet is tiny-it’s like 2x3’. The bedrooms are small. My husband thinks it’s a bad idea. I think that down the road, should the house be up for sale, a potential buyer would be happier with a more functional kitchen with that counter/cabinet space, as opposed to that dinky closet.

I talked with the home appraiser in town and told her we would add in some built in clothing storage in the room-she said as long as there is a place for clothing it would still be considered a bedroom. A real estate agent said it has to have a closet..(but does that have to be an extension “outside“ of the actual room proper, or can it be a part of the actual room?)

Either way, would you give it a thumbs up or down?

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