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How do I solve this tile dilemma?

Pixilox TheLock
4 years ago

I am in the middle of redoing/retiling most of my home. My huge issue at the moment is this opening between the family room (black tile) and dining room (bare floor, tile taken out):

It was a result of not having enough black tile. We carried the blue through the rest of the house, so at the time it worked. Now, however, we are putting down a light beige throughout (except for the room where the black tile is) and I have no idea how to fix/tie this into what we're doing now.

Retiling the black-tile room is not an option, because while this blue part was put down normal, the black tile was set into the concrete (yes, I know, wasn't my idea) so the only way it will come up is to take the entire slab up, re-pour it and that's not something I am willing to do (nor do I have the funds for that type of project). So do I leave it as-is, or is there a way to tie it into the new tile? One other thing is that we are not doing diagonal, we're putting the new tile straight, which may throw another wrench into the mix. TIA for any advice.

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