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Cleaning black grout in out of hairline glaze cracks (Fireclay Tile)

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

My contractor grouted my Fireclay Kasbah Trellis tiles yesterday with black grout (I didn't realize this could be a problem as even Fireclay's product page sample installation photo shows black grout). However, after grouting there are tiny hairline stains where I think the grout got into the glaze cracks. The main base of the tile is Fireclay's Daisy Matte glaze which according to the spec sheet is low on crazing/crackling so I'm not sure if this is normal.

Please assume I'm already feeling major regret and dismay over not micromanaging this installation more thoroughly given how expensive these tiles were. But now that this is already spilt milk, I would love to hear any suggestions for what to try. Has anyone had success getting this sort of stain out in the past? I have of course also reached out to Fireclay to see if they have ideas, but I am obviously heartbroken about this and would love any other input in the meantime.

Edit: Image upload isn't working, so here's a link:

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