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Aura vs Regal Classic: Interior Designer & Contractor at War

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Our contractor (very experienced) is recommending Benjamin Moore Regal Classic because our "walls and bare metal need to be primed so that everything adheres correctly". He feels Aura would not stick right, and doesn't want things to start peeling off down the road.

Our designer is recommending BM Aura because it "looks better", is "low-VOC", and would be more durable long term. I do not know how experienced she is with types of paint, but my guess is not much, and likely repeating what she has been told by BM dealer stores. These are still somewhat valid arguments though.

Who should I listen to? Is Aura really, truly 100% better in every situation, or will Regal Classic (over a coat of primer) provide a better surface and better longevity? Cost is not a huge factor here, and we live in an old NYC apartment where we are covering decades of old paint. There are a few new surfaces to be painted, both bare metal and wood.

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