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Do any of you have black or very dark painted rooms? Update

4 years ago

I tried updating my original post from a few weeks ago but for whatever reason it shows when I go directly to the discussion but does not post in the feed. I wrote a long and drawn out explanation of what I did when I updated the original post but...... I think if you [click the link[( it might show but not sure. A ton of people were nice enough to share photos of their beautiful, dark rooms on that post. My room is not 100% done but I explained that in the linked post.

I wanted to change my laundry room from white walls to almost black. Im sure dark rooms dont appeal to the masses but I wanted to try it out and this is what I ended up with. I


This first photo was what gave me the inspiration to do it.


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After: This room has two sets of windows and gets tons of light but these photos were taken at night.

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