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Stuck between two gray paints for bathroom- HELP pick one PLEASE

5 years ago

I am doing a bathroom remodel in our master. We are getting close to the end! YAY! The quartz bench and matching vanity top ( I haven't seen it since we picked it out a long time ago, however it is black with some touches of color. ) . The soaker tub will be set up and shower glass doors put on, but we need to pick a paint color. I have narrowed it down to two options. First pick on left is BM Smoke Embers and to the right is BM cumulus cloud. I like them both however they are very different shades of gray. One is on the cool side , I believe and one on the warmer side. The wainscoat will stay white. Thank you for your help. My pictures aren't great so I do apologize for that. I really want to choose between these two as I have been perseverating for awhile on different colors and I have to get it tomorrow! Thanks

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