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Amaranthus spp??

Lovely people

Visiting friends in Italy, I offered to do a bit of weeding for them, in their garden. Their faces lit up, and responded "Yes please" and took me to the bed they wanted me to start with.

Knowing their ideas of using wild food, where possible, I pointed to some of the 'weeds' and asked them if they wanted them ousted, as I was 99% sure they were amaranthus.

This comment was greeted with blank looks, and request for further info.

All I could say was that I was almost certain that was what they were and that the greens and seed were quite nutritious.

So, questions, dear Gurus. Are all Amaranthus spp edible? Any ideas as to which spp this may be?

The attached image shows the top of an unflowering specimen, the root and the start of an inflorescence.

Apologies for the image quality, but I only have my ancient mobile with me.



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