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Rough opening garage door

5 years ago

We have a new home and the builder/garage door contractor cannot seem to get to the bottom of the problem (yet).

We have a Amarr Vista Contemporary Aluminum Full View Glass garage door (16'x7') with a Liftmaster Premium Series Belt Drive opener (Model 8355). The door opened smoothly for a few months and then noticed that it was sticking closed and getting noisy when opening for the first couple of feet. Apparently, the concrete contractor applied sealer to the driveway and the sealer got under the door bottom weatherstripping causing the door to stick to the floor. The door weatherstripping was replaced and I throughly cleaned the garage floor with Xylene (per the sealer manufacturers instructions). The door also did not have any struts installed so one was installed at the top of the door per Amarr's instructions. The door opener up/down has been adjusted and the door has been lubricated.

The door is still rough when opening but only for the first few feet and only when it has been sitting closed for a while. If I open the door then close it and then open it again immediatly, it opens smoothly. Does anyone have any ideas of what may be causing this? TIA

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