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Best type of glossy stain for tongue and groove patio ceiling

James Petty
5 years ago

Hey guys I need some advice. I am building a house and have a patio that I want to do a tongue and groove wood ceiling on. I really don't want or like the exterior stains that look like paint. I can't see why an interior type of stain wouldn't work for a wood ceiling as its protected by the roof and not exposed to foot traffic but would like to hear input on this as well.

I really like the glossy shiny wood finishes that remind me a polyurethane wood floor. Something in the color vein of this ceiling example

I've surfed some forums and seen conflicting advice. Some people suggest a deck stain and some are suggesting a wood cabin manufacturer stain.

It seems houzz is covered in beautiful exterior tongue and groove ceilings but no info on what type of stain they used to achieve it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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