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Dining Room Chair Upholstery Fabric Suggestions Please

4 years ago

I have had no luck finding an upholstery fabric for dining room chairs.

My dining area is open to the living area so it should relate to the upholstery on the living room chairs and sofa. The sofa will be done in a dark teal blue velvet and I am reupholstering a 1920's channel quilted chair with carved wood in a blue geometric patterned material.

My designer suggested this Vern Yip fabric which seems like some kind of gingko leaf pattern. I feel like it's a bit too dull as it read taupe or gray in terms of the background. I am also not sure that the material is great for a dining room chair in terms of wearability.

I am tentatively going with this chair which has what I think is somewhat of a moderne Art Deco feel. The table will have a glass top with some kind of to be determined based that will go with whatever chairs I ultimately choose.

Although I am not slavishly trying to recreate a period, my taste does run towards Art Nouveau, Art Deco and even Arts & Crafts, William Morris, Charles Rennie Mackintosh et al so although I've found some patterns I like, the patterns I like aren't made in colors that would work and colors that would work aren't made in patterns that I like.

Posted below is the Gingko fabric as well as the fabric for the chair. The sofa is a standard rich blue teal velvet. I'll also post some fabrics that I like but I think I need to rule out for one reason or another. Of course what is ironic is that after the fact I have read that teal blue is trending per today's New York Times unbeknownst to me and yet very limited upholstery fabric in that color - I couldn't find any teal blue mohair which was my original fabric choice for the sofa :-(

I've been to websites for period fabrics like Bradbury and also websites for a lot of the textile houses and haven't come across anything.

Thanks for any leads.

Probable Dining Room Chair

Vern Yip Gingko Fabric suggested by designer which I think is a bit drab in terms of background color

I like this Liberty of London but it's probably not going to work well with solid velvet sofa since I think it will read as a competing fabric with not enough contrast to be complementary.

This is navy and not teal but I would need to get a sample to verify. The design itself isn't bad.This

This is a true period textile reproduction but I don't think colors would work. The Arts & Crafts; MacKintosh fabrics all seem to have a similar palette which is aesthetic but I don't think complements the rest of my choices.

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