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Pool landscaping Ideas Nashville

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

I bought a pool and it came with a house. lol

I've always wanted a pool and after 37 years I finally got one. It's a 20 x 40 pool with a fence surrounding it. I live in Nashville, TN. Zone 7. I am not interested in Crape Myrtles, too much mess for a pool. I am looking for ideas of trees to plant that won't put too much debris in the pool but will also have some summer and winter interest. I was thinking of lining the perimeter with sprinter boxwoods to make a hedge and then planting a couple of Japenese Maples in the corner area of the fence or maybe some European columnar Hornbeam trees for height? For reference there is a strip of land in between the fence and the cement thats about 5 feet, you just can't see it from this angle. I've also thought about doing only evergreens, sprinter boxwoods, dwarf blue spuce pom poms, holly bushes, etc. Pictures for reference, any suggestions or photos would be great!


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