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Please help decorate my bedroom!

4 years ago

Hello! Please help me decorate my bedroom - I always get stuck at this point and don't know how to make it cohesive/actually look good. I have some art and other decorative items but I don't know where to hang or arrange them or if I should just not use them or collect some new items.

I'm on a budget but I love DIY and I love the mid century - boho - clean - glam - retro - Scandinavian - 70s vibe (think Emily Henderson). I love plants too (see pics for the plants I have). I have a ton of trinkets and random little objects but I'm not sure where to put them or how to arrange them or even what colors to shoot for. I'd buy new art too, decorative trays/boxes, etc. I have a TON of books I could use that are in another part of the house if they'd be good for styling.

I am open to replacing the bedframe, bedspread, and side tables. I would also consider replacing the dresser under the window with something else since I could move the dresser into the closet. Please let me know if you have any ideas!

Also, in the last photo you can see I have covered the carpet with a white/gray rug and covered the bedspread with an all white one temporarily. The rug covers basically the whole floor besides where the dark rug is under the window area dresser.

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