Spare Room to Master Closet

Elle Noir
3 years ago
Just wanted to share our budget remodel of a spare room (7x5') into a walk in closet. Obviously not the most glamorous remodel of all time, but it has become my happy place every morning. I love how easy it is to stay organized now.
We put 4000K lightbulbs in the chandelier and I love how bright and sunny it looks even though I have to be out the door before the sun comes up.

Total Cost $850

Rubermaid Titanium Closet Kit: $90x3
(We had enough for the guest closet too)
Rubbermaid Drawers: $60x3
Rubbermaid Pants Rack: $35
Rubbermaid Tie Organizer: $12x2
Velvet Hangers (Amazon): $40

BM Chantilly Lace Paint: ~$50
Dorset Wayfair Rug: $40
Drakes Damask Wayfair Curtain: $20x2
Bench from Home Goods: $100
Mirrored Armoire (Amazon): $50
Chandelier (Amazon): $20
Curtain rod from Christmas Tree Shop: $5
Mirror, shoe rack, bins, repurposed.

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