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New NYC Apartment: Are we making a big mistake?

6 years ago

Hello all,

My friend and I are new to NYC and just moved into a new place on the 23rd floor of a building. We are both new to interior design and layout, and have been deliberating a lot over the layout and color scheme of the living/dining room.

Just to give you some context, here is the floor plan and corresponding pictures:

As you can see, it's kind of small, but not really for NYC standards I guess. Our main problem is where we should place the couch, and consequently the TV. Personally, I think the couches should be facing the windows, as it would be a shame to have your back to a nice view, but I am really open to whatever's best.

Here are our two proposed layouts, note: this is not an exhaustive list, and we would be happy to take some more suggestions.

  • Layout 1
  • Facing away from the windows, but TV seems to be in a more natural position
  • Layout 2
  • Facing towards the windows, the room feels more open with respect to the dining table, although this puts the TV at maybe an awkward position. Also, having that barrier between the front-door area and the living room might not be desirable.

The couch doesn't have to be a sectional, but in our amateur experience it seemed to be the most fitting shape.

As for colors, we are thinking maybe a light grey couch with a darker rug, or a dark blue couch with a lighter rug. Some inspirational photos we are fond of include:

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even if it's just criticisms of our current plans, it will help us from wasting a lot of money on some potentially bad decisions.


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