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Should I prune potted rose? Bloom opening too early

Mike - CO Zone 5
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Hey I have a couple questions for you all. My first is about an Earth Angel potted about 3 weeks ago. Had a few blooms from the nursery but they dried and wilted very fast so I clipped them as well as the small blooms that I figured wouldn't open. Also clipped a handful of dead leaves here and there and took these pictures yesterday. Standing just under 2 feet tall but not very sturdy. Should I clip all the brown leaves and prune to a shorter height?

Not sure if this is a question cause we'll just have to see what happens but I planted a Frida Kahlo about 7 weeks ago and ended up overwatering for the first 3 weeks (very hot at the time). Had a ton of blooms from the nursery, a good amount ended up burnt but kinda came back. The rest that hadn't opened ended up fine but didn't last long. I deadheaded as they started dropping petals.

So now blooms are coming back and for the last week or so we've had a lot of rain. Not all day or everyday but when it drops it has been a lot of water. So you can see in the picture that this bloom looks like it started opening up too early? First picture is from yesterday and second is this morning. Maybe from my overwatering, the rain, or something else? First bloom to open is fine, maybe a little smaller than the first flush

Thank you for looking!


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