Making a Small House Work for Us

Angela Peterson
3 years ago
My husband and I own a cute one-and-a-half story 1946 Cape Cod. Last year, we did a major kitchen remodel and we love how it turned out. As we start planning for a family, we are trying to figure out how to fit the family we want in the house that we have - largely because we love our neighbors and location, plus value the advantages of a small house. We had a grand plan to add a dormer and combine bedrooms into a master suite, but as we start to get quotes, that may be more than we can stomach.

Therefore, I’m wondering if it is possible to hire someone to help us imagine how to make the house work for us as it is. We are open to adding built ins, rearranging, moving bedrooms, etc. but feel like outside guidance would help us significantly. Is that something you can hire someone to do? How would I go about finding that person?

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