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Backyard blank canvas - need help!

Jay L
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Our backyard is pretty barren at this point, it is also south facing and we have no real shade to work with.

I'm looking for landscaping &/or patio type recommendations for our backyard. Ideally we'd have someplace to sit down and relax (out of the sun) while grilling in the backyard! We live in Arizona so its hot and dry!

The only structure in the backyard is a brick grill that was there when we bought the house that we don't really use.

As far as a pergola off the back of the house goes I'm also concerned because we've got a gable roof and I'm scared it may look funny jutting off the back.

Here are some images that show the back of the house and the huge yard!

Note - the colors of the house have changed, the backside is now a very very light greige and the wood shed area is a very deep charcoal brown.

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