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How deep do you plant a rose tree?

Donna R zone 6a
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

I received 6 April in Paris rose trees from J&P last week. I soaked the roots overnight and planted them the next day in large plastic pots with a 20" diameter & 15.5" high. The root system on these trees was very well developed. In order to give the tree some stability, I put the roots down about 5"-6" deep in the pot. Is that too deep? I am wondering, because the single trunk that the roots are grafted on is, of course, buried too. If someone can weigh in on how deep a rose tree should be planted, I would appreciate it. I have always admired rose trees, but thought that they would be too much work. The sale price encouraged me to give them a try.

If anyone in a cold climate grows these successfully in pots, and overwinters them in an unheated garage, it would be helpful to know any of their success tips.

I have the trees sitting in the shade, the white sprouts of leaves that were on them when they came are leafing out anywhere from 1" - 3". How long should I keep them in the shade? (I would imagine a fair amount of time longer, as their roots have to really get set and working well, to support being in the sun. These are 36" trees. I will post a few photos shortly.

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