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Excited about new fig growth

4 years ago

I have a Marseilles VS and Celeste-like (given to me as Settler's fig, but research told me it's probably Celeste), both grown from cuttings rooted about a year ago. I planned to grow the Celeste in a large pot, but now I may be moving in a year, but that's another story.

I had potted them up early this spring before they leafed out into 2 gallon pots, and the Marseilles took off like a shot, but the Celeste was more reticent. Since it had been in a slightly smaller pot to begin with, I figured it would catch up eventually. I pinched them both back about a month ago, and the Celeste was slow to put out new growth, but the Marseilles, being the monster it is, is growing like a weed.

I sort of forgot about them. Fertilized them once with some timed release fertilizer, and twice with Miracle Gro, but we've been getting so much rain, I figured they were getting enough nitrogen from the rain. I've been plucking off all the fruit, in favor of growth.

So today I'm moving plants around, and I noticed something green on the bottom of the Celeste. JOY! It's putting up another branch from the very bottom of the main trunk and also a shoot from under the soil. I'm so excited about this! I honestly thought this tree was not going to grow large enough by the time I take off on the road next summer to ever give me fruit.

So a question -- can I plant the Celeste into a 10-gallon pot this winter when it goes dormant? I'm sure it will fill this 2-gallon pot by then. Don't know what I'm going to do with the Marseilles, probably will put it in a 7-gallon pot and give it to a friend. I just want to get some fruit before I go.

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