Akward Corner, need suggestions please!

3 years ago

We recently downsized to an apartment for a few years and plan to start with our living room. Any suggestions on furniture/ placement for this corner? It is the only spot to place the TV. I was thinking a buffet or dresser/ chest that could double duty as storage, but would need to place it wall to wall, leaving the back with a lot of open space behind. I’m including several pictures.

We plan to get a sectional soon, with a right side arm, that would be up to the patio door. Also, TV needs to be seen from sectional. I initially thought to put it on the middle wall, but then can’t view from parts of sofa. Any and all suggestions are appreciated! I was totally out numbered with the idea of no TV in here. We do have two college kids still at home, and love having family over, and this is our only shared space. Measurements..left wall 34” , middle wall 4‘.9” , right wall 6’ . Thanks for your help!

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