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Miele kitchen appliances

6 years ago

My kitchen remodel is finally finished enough to give my new miele appliances a try, and thought I should share my experience here for those who are considering them. I chose all m touch, as that way the displays match for all appliances. Without it you need to learn different computer controls for each one. Happy I went that way, very easy to use without reading the manual.

36" gas range: extremely happy. Burners get super hot on high, simmer has separate jets so works well too. Last house I had a Wolf induction range which I did not like, I found it did not heat up that well and was hard to control, and it blew up after one year, though they did replace it. I have an older Thermidor at beach house where burners cycle on and off for simmer, didn't like that either.

Steam/speed oven: I would buy this again if only to cook broccoli- push the 'broccoli' button and it comes out tender and evenly steamed, there is a slide bar to choose how well done you like it. Corn came out well also, haven't tried much else.

Microwave: I probably wouldn't do this one again, because the steam oven does microwave. The only thing it won't do is popcorn. Better to put a small microwave in the pantry.

42" refrigerator freezer: Love it. It would not work for short people, as I am nearly 6' and have to look up at the top shelf. Built like a safe, love the airport runway like LED lights, probably won't use the individually temp controlled crisper bins. Ice maker is compact and works quickly, bin drawers come all the way out, so easy access.

I did buy the insurance after reading everything on this forum, hope I don't need it. Would post pictures but it seems I have to sign up for something? Happy with the kitchen which has a Northwest modern/Japanese design base.

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