Buying a house with no basement. Need storage help!

3 years ago


I am planning to buy a house with no basement (crawl space is one foot and open, so no storage possibility there). It has a big garage, but it is not heated and we live in a very snowy and cold climate, where it is freezing in winter and very humid in the summer. Plus, mice can get in there. We didn't want a house with no basement, but after a year of extensive daily search and prices going ridiculously up, and not able to secure a house because of higher paying buyers, we are out of luck in finding an affordable updated house with a basement in our price range.

The kitchen is spacious with lots of cabinets, but we cook daily at least twice a day, so it will be very humid and I cannot imagine storing anything in it other than food (maybe some toiletries).

We have a small open area inside kitchen where we can think of, but it will have to have walls separating it from the kitchen so that it doesn't get humid (and adding a heat duct). That will cost a lot (anyone know the price of building such a space into a storage room?), so not an option in the near future.

I have some Christmas ornaments, tree, and items, craft items, paper items, exercise equipment, electronics, etc. where I cannot see them being stored in a kitchen and not be worn out/spoiled.

Rooms are small and closets in rooms are very small. Living room is also small.

Any other options for storage? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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