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Please help me love my living room!!!

4 years ago
So there are a couple of issues that I need help with...

First, there is no separation between the entrance and the formal living room. I’m at a loss in finding a layout that works to create a sense of separation, but not misalign the furniture from the window and the fireplace.

On top of that, I’m not really feeling this sofa set anymore, but don’t have the budget to replace it right now. I would like to make it feel lighter since the leather and flooring are so dark and the natural light isn’t very bright. Also all the carving on the woodwork makes it feel very formal which I am not a fan of so much anymore. I really just want it to feel more welcoming and defined.

Things I’m changing ASAP -
- adding a tall plant/tree to the large planter next to the sofa... open to placement.
- replacing door rug w/jute rug to match mantle wood color.

Please help! Thanks!!!

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