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Flooring threshold transition help needed, please!

Mrs. Hip
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

We (had someone) recently install unfinished engineered hardwood flooring in our lower-level family room. We are having difficulty figuring out how to transition from the new hardwood to the low-pile carpet that is in the doorway which leads to the stairs for the sub-basement.

We asked our installer and he said we needed to figure it out and he will do it. My opinion was that the carpet should have been pulled up just a few inches so that wood could be put under it to raise it to the same level as the new hardwood, then do a T transition strip. Our installer repliereplied "no", but offered no suggestion other than "metal". (Yeah, we won't exactly be repeat customers. This was an error in judgement but we need to plow through it best we can so we can move in and be done with it.) Please see attached picture...anyone have any idea what we can use here? I appreciate any suggestions. Thank you!!

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