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Brick cottage needs curb appeal help!

4 years ago

I'm buying this little 50's cottage as a rental. It's on a corner lot, in a neighborhood that has a mix of historic homes ( South Carolina) and more modern infill homes, that range from turn of the century to the 70s. I would like to ramp up the cottage aspect, and downplay any ranch style.

Since it is a rental, I can't spend too much on the exterior, but it makes a statement simply due to it's location, so I need to give that some attention.

Current plans include:

Painting trim and facia white

Removing 60's metal awning and adding a portico (commonly seen in this neighborhood)

Adding a small landscaping tree on the right such as bronze crape myrtle or a burgundy crab apple and pruning the magnolia way back (or removing)

Removing mailbox from porch (have to) and adding a stylish mailbox in a small landscaped bed

Maybe some shutters? if so, what style and do I have to put them on all the windows?

Removing screen door so the wood door can be seen.. painting it a brighter color maybe?

Other ideas appreciated!

style of portico

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