Master bedroom / bathroom / closet layout

3 years ago

Need help with layout of Master.

We are doing a small extension of our home to finally get to have a decent size bathroom and closet, since what we have now is teeny.

Our bedroom is currently 14.5 feet square, which is more than enough.

We don't know how to best utilize this new space (8 foot extension) and improve our room?

There is a large window in the bedroom, and bathroom/closet need to stay more or less in the area shown. Entrance to the room is the long hallway at the bottom left of each photo.

computer drawn suggestion is one option, with two sinks and makeup counter.

Hand drawn idea has been another suggestion with one sink on the main bathroom counter, and another small sink on the makeup counter. (not that on this picture, the window beside the toilet was overlooked, so no storage would be there). Also move hubby to a secondary closet on the "hallway" which may be nice since it's a small space to physically be in together. He doesn't need as much space and is happy with that size plus the bedroom storage.

I don't even know what is practical as I've never been lucky enough to have a nice master bathroom or closet!

Would really appreciate layout suggestions! (the only requirement is that bathroom should stay more or less in that area)

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