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ISO: paint suggestions to lighten up a room with dark wood paneling

5 years ago

One of the rooms in our new house has very dark wood paneling all the way around it.

We'd like to try to lighten it up with a paint, we're thinking white with a warm undertone. (Suggestions for paint colors welcome, especially with Sherwin Williams paint.) Our thoughts were to keep the beams, mantle, and built-in's the original wood color and paint everything else.

My main question is about whether or not we should paint a few of the other details in the room white as well. I would love your help with the following:

1. The back of the built-in's where there is wood paneling. Should we paint those the same color white as the walls? What about painting all of the built-ins a different color to make an accent wall?

2. The ceiling trim/molding? Do we paint it white or leave it?

3. The floor trim/moulding? Do we paint it white or leave it?

4. The ceiling. It needs to be painted. Do we paint it the same white as the walls or a different color white?

5. The light fixtures. I don't love them so I'm in favor of painting them white so they blend in.

6. The moulding around the entrances. I was thinking we should leave these the original wood color.

7. The moulding around the sliding doors. I'm not sure about these. I've seen some cool white rooms with black window frames such as the picture below.

Another question I have is about the adjacent porch. Should we paint it the same color white as the color in the wood paneling room or leave it as is?

We're also thinking about painting the kitchen cupboards with a two-toned look of white and navy. How should we take this into consideration when painting the room with wood paneling?

Here is the foyer that leads into the room with wood paneling to provide more context.

Any thoughts, ideas, and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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