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Fixed outside banquette seat with granite table advice?

4 years ago

We're building a granite table with single pedestal outside close to the house. The banquette seat will be against the house wall and free seating on the other three sides.

I have searched many other threads for tremendously helpful advice about most of the dimensions coming up with the following (feel free to correct!) and I have some questions for missing items

42" x 68" granite table top for 8 people (3 each side, 1 each end)

1" gap between banquette and house to not breach damp proof course and allow for rain run-off

20" seat depth (there will be an additional back cushion)

18" seat height (there will be an additional seat cushion)

12" gap between seat and underside of granite table top

30" from floor to underside of granite table top

3" overhang of table over seating


1 What depth should the pedestal under the 20" seating be to allow for some heel-space?

2 Does the seat surface need to be tilted to allow for rain run-off and comfort? If so should it be higher at the front, draining to the 1" gap by the wall or lower at the front? I appreciate it isn't going to be by much, but I'm sure if you're sitting there, you might notice if it's wrong..!

3 What distance from the edge of the seat should the table pedestal be?

4 How much banquette should there be PAST the end of the table? ie what length should the banquette be for a 68" long table?

5 As we are planning seat and back cushions, does that impact the measurements or does the fact that they squish mean it doesn't really matter?

I really appreciate any gaps you might be able to fill in and anything else you think I should be considering and directing the builders to do please!

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