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How to compliment red brick in raised ranch make over

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Hello, I've read lots on here but have finally come to post and get opinions on what to do. Below is my 1970's raised ranch. After sky rocketing property prices locally, our goal of moving and renovating a traditional 2 story home in our neighbourhood has switched to a massive reno to our RR. I dislike the RR exterior, but have settled that I can improve it.

We're adding another story and changing the roofline significantly. I'm hoping for something similar to the roofline in the following picture. The front entry will be bumped out with a small dormer.


The main question is how to update the exterior optimally. I think the difficult part is, the reclaimed red brick is very nice on it's own, but difficult to compliment.

I love transitional/craftsman elements and always seem drawn to exteriors on houzz that involve a mixture of stone, colourful siding, timber accents, or contrasting white/cream trim and windows, I've given examples [ [(

I thought about trying to emulate this, but don't think my brick would do as well

If the base were stone, I'd immediately go with a blue/grey siding, timber accents and a white/cream contrast in the windows, but again I have no idea what to do, saving the red reclaimed brick.

Interested in opinions. Thanks!

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