Hit Brick Wall When Couldn't Afford or Find Builder

3 years ago

I take full blame for what happened! But I wonder if there is anything I can do to alleviate some of the $pain$.

After passionately working with a Certified Passive House Architect, AND ignoring all naysayers, AND blindly believing I could find a local builder for our finished Passive House plans, I hit a brick wall when only "One" Builder responded.

Therefore, with no options, I chose that "One" builder. After 6 months, and much work, this builder said he could 'not' meet my budget without starting from scratch and "NOT" use my Certified Passive House plans at all.


I had a small internal volcano erupt, AND with many tears, decided to move forward and give up the whole "Green" path. I was burned and don't want to go down that road any more even if it was my own fault for being so tunnel visioned.

So, my question is, are there people who would 'buy' my unused Certified Passive House plans so I could at least 'get back' a portion of what I lost?

With Humble Appreciation

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