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Help choosing bath tub material. (porcelain, fiberglass, or acrylic)

4 years ago

We sold our house that had fiberglass insert tubs and showers and I hated them. I thought they were difficult to clean and I could see some hairline cracks in the floors of the inserts. We are building new and I just found out the standard tubs offered are fiberglass. We are going from a low cost budget house to a pretty expensive house for our area so I was a little surprised by the tub type. Many of the standards with this builder are or would be "upgrades" for others.

What I'm wondering is what should I know before picking a different type of tub material? The surrounds are tile and we have 2 going in in the not master bathrooms. They will primarily be used by my 2 year old and any other kids we may have. (My wife and I opted for an extra large master shower rather than a tub.)

I'm primarily looking for something that will be easy to clean and will hold up to kid use. I know that porcelain is susceptible to chipping but I believe its also very easy to clean which I love. What am I missing? Are there decent fiberglass tubs out there? How does acrylic compare?

Thanks for your help. Googling this stuff a myriad of ways didn't get me the info I had hoped it would so I turn to you all.

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