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Stumped with Long narrow awkward living room set up

Leah Miller
4 years ago

My parents are updating their house after raising us five kids in it! It needs some TLC. We are stumped about the arrangement of furniture for our living room. This is the main hang out area in our house for our family. It is kind of split into two separate areas because there are double doors in the middle of the room. I'd love some input! Below I try my best to explain the space....

Lower let hand corner shows step from kitchen to living room. Directly to the right are the double doors leading outside. The white door straight ahead leads to our mudroom.

The kitchen will be an open concept kitchen on the elevated area. The sink will be looking out over the living room to the back yard. We were thinking of having a seating area in the living room against this "kitchen sink" wall. Possible thoughts..we will need a desk space as well somewhere in the house so maybe it could go on this side of living room??

This is the "second" portion of the long living room. Steps down to living room come from the right. Again, double doors to outside eon the left. Typically we had had the TV on the wall straight ahead because the sun's glare causes problems anywhere else. Thoughts about living room furniture, arrangements, entertainment set up, etc. is greatly appreciated!!

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