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Virginian Arborvitae - All brown needles but flexible branches

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Hey all,

I have 20 potted Virginian Arborvitaes. They came from the nursery and right away went from green to slowly browning because of freezing temps. I was not worried and continued to keep my hopes high. However, they have totally browned out, and there is no "green" on the interior side of the branches. Most trees I can tell are living by seeing green inside the branch after snapping one. These trees are not green. They have the strong cedar scent but I am afraid they have died. I pulled some out of the pots and still have white roots, which makes me think the roots are still alive.

My biggest question I think to help determine is : Should they be green, at all, on the inside of the branch if you snap it? They seem to flex and bend quite a bit, but they are definitely brown all around. I just hate to waste these but also hate to plant them if they are all dead. Any other tips to check for life? I assume they went dormant after the winter burn and instead of coming out of it, may stay dormant until next spring? I hope.

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