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What is wrong with my indoor herb garden - Mint/Basil?

5 years ago

I have a little indoor herb window herb garden - I have noticed spots on the leaves of my purple basil and mint. I have treated my plants with organic insecticidal soap and eventually threw out the mint and started with new mint, but then started noticing the spots on my purple basil.

I can't tell if they are aphids or spider mites? If so why wouldn't they go away with treatment with insecticidal soap? Overall my plants are pretty healthy/bushy and get a good amount of sun. They are in self watering planters (recently I realized I think they are getting overwatered and maybe some root rot - but a few weeks ago looked better - see pics below).

I am moving to a new apartment and wondering if I should just get rid of everything and start over... that would make me very sad but wouldn't want to bring pests with me :(

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