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Am I doomed to disease??? (TTTF, 7A, Central NC)

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Hello all - I am hoping to avoid major problems in my lawn that I experienced last year.

I renovated Fall of 2016, had a great lawn through May of 2017, and by July it was a disaster. I assume it was all disease (brown patch), but I also had a mole that I couldn't kill at the time and thought that may have been a factor - but I still put my money on disease.

I did not use a fungicide early enough last year. My first app wasn't until July 1 after it quickly went brown on me in a fairly large patch.


And this is by JULY AND AUGUST of last year.

So last year I nuked it all again (2nd year in a row) and seeded with the same seed from SeedSuperStore - which is claimed to be a Brown Patch resistant blend.

This is my lawn as of TODAY.


UP CLOSE OF PROBLEMS - this is pretty typical all over. I used Heritage G near the high rate just over a week ago when I noticed that we were about to have a week of nothing but rain with no break from the heat and humidity.

Today I used a liquid app of propiconazole at 2oz per 1000. I plan to get Eagle as well for a different mode of action in about 7-14 days - or sooner if it would be better.

I have fertilized twice this year. Once with a starter fert in late Feb and about month later with Milo.

I've read that pushing too much fert can promote disease as well. Should I hold off on my planned app of milo this weekend?

I keep the lawn cut as tall as my mower will go (4") and I clearly stripe it regularly.

Is this practice of striping and keeping it long during the humid months a bad idea?

Should I cut lower (3"?), no striping, and bag everything?

What can I expect based on what is seen here?

If the fungicides do their job and I follow the proper schedule, do I have a chance of the lawn staying somewhat healthy until fall aerate and overseeding? Any other steps I can take right now to keep any problems mitigated? For my sanity I reeeaaaalllly do not want to have to redo everything... again!

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