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Stain color to take pink out of red oak and make it more orange

4 years ago

My floors are teak which are brown/orange. I just had them refinished so they are less orange now but they tend to get more orange over time, and were very orange before they were refinished. Also the capets are sandy with a yellow undergone, and the walls are creamy with yellow undertone.

I am installing handrails and the only hardwood choice is red oak, but I need to get rid of the pink undertone. I tried Minwax golden pecan, and I like that it's light enough that there's not a really prominent oak grain showing, but it's still a bit pink. I hesitate to go darker because then the oak grain will really show, and also don't want it to look like 80's oak. But I could go darker if I could get an orangy brown to match the teak.

Any thoughts on stain colors that might work?

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