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Gertrude Jekyll grown in a container

I know, I know! What was I thinking?!? You can't grow Gertrude in a container. It has a huge root system and will bust out of the container.

Yes, they are right. It will.

But there are such pretty pictures on the forum of GJ's that are huge and pretty and pink and they say it is soooooo fragrant. And I sure wished I had one. I had never seen one in person.

So, oh, well, I'll give it a try. It may not be as big as grown in the ground, but hey, container people, give roses a chance.

The fragrance reminds me of a perfume my Mother wore years ago. I think she got it at Crabtree & Evelyn.

I know I'll have to root prune it eventually, but I've done that to other roses before and it worked fine. Nothing lasts forever, so meanwhile I'll just enjoy it. And I do. And have for years.

Purchase bareroot from David Austin in 2015. Now over six feet tall from the soil.

I've been having trouble with houzz rotating pictures lately. Hope this works okay.

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