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Peg system for dishes in drawers - help please!

Heather N
4 years ago

We recently purchased a peg system so we could store dishes in a drawer, similar to the one shown below. I'm having a really difficult time figuring out the best layout. I know that the pegs are removable, but we have to cut the board down to fit in the drawer, so it would really help to figure out the layout in advance to know the best places to make the resizing cuts. If you've used these, can you please offer any advice about the best way to store the dishes? Is it OK to use the sides of the drawer as one "wall" to keep them from sliding around, or better to have pegs on all sides? Is it easy to get them out of the drawer if the pegs are placed next to each other? Do you need to keep the little tab for lifting it out of the drawer, or can that be cut off? Do you ever remove it for cleaning or is it actually installed to the base of your drawer? thanks!!

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