Exterior help - paint full house, limewash brick, just paint siding?

j k
3 years ago

We're a month away from closing on our house and we're trying to scope what we can do to update this dated exterior. There are a couple areas of siding that need repairs, and I don't like the tan color at all, so at a minimum we'll paint that. Also, as I mentioned in another post, the windows are only 5 years old and an almond/off-white vinyl that shouldn't be painted, so that is something to consider. That one set of shutters in the front are the only shutters on the whole house, so they'll probably be removed. My favorite exteriors are Palm Springs MCM, which I don't think is possible with this house, or the clean modern farmhouse look, but definitely leaning heavily modern over anything rustic.

Option 1: My first instinct was to paint the whole thing white, brick and siding, and start to introduce gray trim with a colorful front door.

Option 2: A variation on that would be to go all white except replace certain parts of the front-facing siding with warm wood paired with a warm wood door, or warm wood siding leading up to a colorful door. I see a lot of flipped houses around here with that type of treatment,

Option 3: Basically option 1 again, but do a limewash/whitewash on the brick instead of opaque white paint, then all the siding in white.

Option 4: Leave the brick alone and paint the siding a darker gray color. Of course I don't like the look of brick at all unless it is something beautifully historic, which this 1982 build most certainly is not. I also don't know how this would work well with almond windows.

A couple other notes... In the back, the deck is new composite plank, so we'll fancy it up with a seating area and light and possible a different railing, but otherwise let it be. I'm debating whether or not we should replace the exterior French doors (there is another matching set in the bedroom) with sliding doors or new doors with a thinner frame. In the front, we'll definitely do significant landscaping and update the walkway, but will probably wait until after the worst of the Texas summer to tackle that. My husband also wants to put in a small courtyard type area with a low fence and xeriscaping in the front yard since it is a nice big corner lot, but that is still under debate. We'll also replace the garage door, exterior lighting and mailbox to go with whatever we decide on the rest of the house.

Any advice is greatly appreciated! These are the only decent exterior shots I have from the listing - the whole thing is much greener and more inviting now that it is almost summer :)

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