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Add Second Story to Floor Plan

6 years ago

We were planning to build a ranch style home with a basement...because of the irrigated fields around our property and other factors, we have decided to nix the basement and build up instead.

I LOVE my current design for my first floor. Ideally, I would like to leave it just as it is (PS the kitchen here is not current....). The picture below is just the main part of the house, the garage has been cut off. Here are my dilemmas...

We're trying to keep our roof lines simple. I like the farmhouse-esque style, and we'll have the wraparound porches, metal roof, etc.

If I add a second story over the whole first floor (one wing only...not the garage portion), my house will be 3700 sq. ft....huge! The other problem is that we would not have a roof overhang over the south facing windows in the great room.

I have considered adding a second story over just the bedrooms on the first floor...I would lose the smaller bedroom and put the stairs in that space instead, but would be able to fit 3 bedrooms and a bath upstairs. I like this idea, but I think it will look unbalanced from the exterior.

I have considered building the second story into the attic space...slightly unconventional in new construction, but the space is there. If I do this, I will obviously lose the cathedral vault in the great room, but that's OK.

What would you do? Is there an option that I am missing?

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