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Boring brick ranch needs a curb appeal boost

Jade B
4 years ago

Hi all! We just purchased a 1700 sq ft brick ranch home. The inside has some unique character, so it has potential. But, the front is, well, boring (and quite frankly, ugly). I've included two different pictures. The first is the house prior to us purchasing, but it's in the spring/summer so you get a better idea of what it looks like in the spring/summer. The second picture is of the house from the fall/winter....brown, yucky, etc. The shutters currently are the dark green that you see in the second photo; also, the roof has since been replaced and is lighter in color than the current picture (but still a dark brown).

We have a limited budget for front curb appeal (because we have a lot of work in the back yard and inside to do). But, any ideas to brighten the front, add some warmth and make it look like a home (and not a rental that is starting to look run down).

PS. I know those two tree/shrub things blocking the door need to go.....

Thank you!

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