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Need advice for pre-emergent zone (7a)

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Hello. Can someone please help me include pre-emergent into my lawn regimen at the correct times. I am either going to do it myself or have someone do it. I really hate messing with chemicals, but I have Poa Annua in my lawn and numerous other weeds and it seems like it's getting worse every season, I assume because I have been avoiding pre-emergent all together.

I have Prodiamine 65 WDG that's been sitting in my basement and I used it once a long time ago, but I really didn't want to mess with this chemical (which is why the weeds are here). I am not opposed to using it at this point, but the big problem I face is that I have a half acre and only a backpack sprayer which will be hard to cover the whole lawn, so I am thinking about a granular pre-emergent I can spread instead, i don't know.

1) According to my regimen, when should I typically put down any pre-emergent, whether it be granularly spread or the prodiamine 65 wdg? I want to stick to a schedule.

2) If granular spread, what kind is everyone using?

3) When? Here is my regimen:

- April 1st - cracked corn

- May - spot spray with weed-b-gone (this year was so bad)

- June 1st - fertilize with milorganite

- July 1st - cracked corn again

- September 1st - over-seed and fertilize with milorganite

- October 1st - fertilize with milorganite

- December 1st - fertilize with Urea

Thanks. Zone (7a) Suffolk County, Long Island, NY

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