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First time home build - would appreciate review of our floor plan

5 years ago


We're coming close to finalizing floor plans for a new build with our architect. It's a fairly conservative plan, nothing too crazy, but would appreciate comments nonetheless. Does anything stand out as unusual or impractical?

One thing we're wrestling with with is our kitchen island size (as well as general layout). We plan on fitting a breakfast nook table for at least 5 in the "nook" next to the kitchen that we will use regularly, but the question is how much to reduce the island by without making it an odd size and still usable? We'd still like to have a functional island with a prep sink and ideally three spots for seats. Currently it sits 6' from the stove so we can move it over at least a foot to 5' away; we were thinking somewhere around 4' x 7' but unsure if that's a strange size. We are also not planning on having an arced seating area as pictured. Is 3'6" a strange width for an island?

Another question is whether the master shower at 5' x 6' is just strangely large.

Thanks in advance for any other suggestions.

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