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Questions about putting orchids outside for summer, please help

Hey all, I have been reading through a lot of the orchid forum posts and see that many many people put their orchids outside for the summer. I really want to try this as all my orchids have always been grown indoors. (4 or 5 years) They do well enough but the have been notoriously slow growers. I feel that the better natural environment would do them all well. ( I do "over-summer" a lot of my other house plants outside so I am familiar with slowly acclimating them to the new environment). I am currently growing mostly Phals (regular size and minis) but have acquired a NOID oncidium and a jewel orchid this year ( know the jewel probably won't do well with any direct sun at all) . I have almost no trees in my yard to speak of but I do have a south facing patio. It's a little weird as part of the second story hangs over the 1st story patio. A large part of the patio never receives actual direct sun. The part that does receive some direct sun gets the largest dose before noon. After that the sun is on the other side of the house and the patio is completely shaded. (this whole area is kinda L shaped so that the part of the patio that receives the most light for the longest time has part of the house on the west side providing a type of wind/sun break) So my question is, is it better for my orchids to remain inside under "consistent artificial lighting" or to go outside where they may spend a large part of every day in the shade? If I do take them outside, do I place them where they will receive all of that morning sun on the patio? (currently have the phals in rePotme's Monterey Gold orchid mix but the Onc is in a mix that I am not loving as the Onc seems to dry out WAY to fast as is evident from the accordion thing that the leaves and pseudo bulbs are doing. I am currently in the process of soaking coconut husk chips for the next week to repot the Onc in a mix that will hopefully provide better moisture/humidty)

Thanks in advance for ideas and advice.

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